How does FleetSafer® work? 
FleetSafer comes in two variants: FleetSafer® OBD or FleetSafer® GPS.

FleetSafer® OBD comprises of the FleetSafer® smartphone app paired to a Bluetooth-enabled hardware module (supplied) that plugs into the vehicle’s standard OBD-II port (a permanent 12V option is also available). The ODB module securely communicates the vehicle’s speed to the smartphone app. The app then locks or unlocks the phone features accordingly.

FleetSafer® GPS does not require any additional hardware to be installed into a vehicle. In this software-only solution, the app uses the smartphone’s GPS to detect that it is moving and then locks or unlocks the phone features accordingly. 

Who is FleetSafer® for?

FleetSafer® is applicable for any company that operates a vehicle fleet. 

For example:

  • Logistics and transportation companies
  • Bus, coach or minibus fleets
  • Taxi & Private Hire companies
  • Couriers and Postal/Parcel Delivery fleets

The key benefits of FleetSafer® are:

  • Demonstrate compliance with UK and EU law on reducing driving risks
  • Protect your employees’ safety
  • Reduce costs associated with addressing distracted driving incidents
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Protect your company brand & reputation

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Download the FleetSafer® App
FleetSafer® is available in the App Store and on Google Play. An active FleetSafer® subscription is required to use the app.