Data, Data Everywhere.


Data, Data Everywhere.

A huge step forward from traditional actuarial models, usage-based insurance (UBI) is a type of auto insurance whereby premiums depend on how much the insured “uses” a vehicle. Although different carriers measure ‘usage’ in slightly different ways (time, distance, location, hard breaking, rapid acceleration, etc) they generally collect similar data from the insured’s vehicle to better understand actuarial risk and determine pricing.

Get more from data.

But, what if carriers understood even more about vehicle usage? What if they could gently place their finger on human behaviour known to increase risk of crash by 23 times? What if carriers could leverage UBI or telematics data to empirically measure cell phone use while driving? Now they can.

Introducing DriveCommander Vision.

By combining vehicle trip data with carrier billing records, DriveCommander Vision measures cell phone use while driving – if, how, when and where. With this critical knowledge in hand, insurance carriers can win more customers and be more profitable.