Local Service Fleet

The Numbers Don’t Lie.

50% of employees admit to being distracted by their cell phones while driving for work. 32% of fleet operators have evidence of on-the-job crashes due to cell phone distractions. It’s time to put the brakes on distracted driving.

Flexible solutions for different fleet requirements.

For local fleets without in-vehicle tracking systems, DriveCommander OBD utilises an inexpensive trigger device which is inserted into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. Once installed, the device automatically connects with the driver’s smart phone and communicates vehicle speed to activate/deactivate safe driving mode.

When employees start to drive, DriveCommander activates safe mode and enables you to control how they use their smart phones while driving company vehicles. For example, with DriveCommander you can prevent an employee from texting and emailing while driving, but still enable them to make and receive hands-free phone calls. While driving in safe mode, DriveCommander locks the phone’s screen and prevents access to text, email and browser applications. Inbound text and email alerts are suppressed and a custom reply is automatically sent informing others when the employee is busy driving.

Unlike some other solutions, DriveCommander lets you configure your policies to your own preferences, so you can decide how many or how few of the phones features are available while driving. You can make sure that important client calls get through, but that ‘wrong numbers’ do not. By keeping distractions to a minimum, your risk of a crash and resulting lawsuit will be significantly decreased.

Get started today, and start driving safer tomorrow!

Measure employee use of any phone, not just smartphones.

For local service fleets equipped with in-vehicle tracking systems, DriveCommander Telematics or DriveCommander Vision can integrate telematics data to accurately enforce cell phone use policies when employees are driving. Data doesn’t lie, and carrier billing records provide a clear and empirical record of how and when employees use their phones while driving – feature phones, smart phones, any phone. DriveCommander Vision collects this data (call detail and SMS detail) with appropriate permissions and in accordance with privacy laws and combines it with vehicle telematics data to produce clear and actionable reports that measure employee use of phones while driving.

With Vision data in hand, fleet operators are now empowered to promote safe, legal and responsible use of cell phones while driving.