Flexible Solutions for Distracted Driving

Sales Fleet

CEOs are demanding. They want productive salespeople but they also want to minimize liability. With DriveCommander, they can have both! DriveCommander provides legal, yet productive, use of mobile phones while driving.

Local Service Fleet

Did you know that 50% of employees admit to being distracted by cell phones while driving, and 32% of fleets have evidence of on-the-job crashes due to mobile phone distractions? To change this trend, local fleets must adopt and enforce cell phone use policies. See how DriveCommander can get you there.


Distracted driving is particularly dangerous while behind the wheel of large construction vehicles. To reduce crashes and fight lawsuits, construction fleets must take steps to prevent employee use of mobile phones while driving. DriveCommander makes it easy to manage risk when mobile phone toting employees are scattered about on the job.

Trucking Fleet

To improve safety and maximize compliance with CSA, trucking companies must incorporate mobile phone policy controls into everyday risk management practices. Learn how DriveCommander can make it easy to reduce your risk.


Telematics-based UBI systems provide insurers with excellent insight into driving behavior, yet are blind with regard to cell phone use while driving. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.