DriveCommander® Telematics


DriveCommander® Telematics integrates with corporate telematics systems, receiving driving state notifications directly from the in‑vehicle telematics system or through the telematics system servers. With this real-time driving state information, DriveCommander Telematics enforces corporate safe-driving policy on the cellphone or tablet device.

Leverage Existing Hardware

For fleets that have already invested in technology to track their vehicles, hours of service and safety events like hard braking, telematics (AVL/GPS) solutions can be further leveraged by utilising the information that is already available from these systems to tell DriveCommander when the vehicle is moving.

DriveCommander is already integrated with many of the leading telematics providers including Geotab, Network Fleet and XRS – and Aegis is continually making additional options available.

How It Works

Like the other DriveCommander triggers, the speed of the vehicle is used to determine when a user is driving – this information is provided directly from the telematics provider using Aegis’ telematics API to the ContextEngine, which then sends a message to the target phone to activate the software.

This does not require any additional purchase of telematics hardware or software – it just works whenever employees start and stop driving.