DriveCommander® ODB

When employees start to drive, DriveCommander OBD automatically applies a policy to promote safe, legal and responsible use of mobile devices.

OBD-II Trigger

DriveCommander OBD utilises an inexpensive trigger device which is inserted into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. Once installed, the device automatically connects with the driver’s smart phone using a secure Bluetooth connection and communicates vehicle speed to activate/ deactivate safe driving mode.

Safe Mode

While driving in safe mode, DriveCommander OBD locks the phone’s screen and prevents access to text, email and browser applications. Inbound text and email alerts are suppressed and a custom reply is automatically sent informing others when the employee is busy driving.

Fine Control

DriveCommander OBD lets you configure your policies to your own preferences, so you can decide which device features are available while driving. You can make sure that important client calls get through, but that ‘wrong numbers’ do not.