DriveCommander Is Fast Becoming the Industry Standard for the Enforcement and Audit of Corporate Safe-Driving Policies

VANCOUVER, Canada (Jan. 9, 2014) – Aegis Mobility, the global leader in solutions to prevent distracted driving, announced today its DriveCommander offering is now available on the Samsung Solutions Exchange™, enabling enterprise customers to enforce safe driving policies by eliminating the distractions from smartphones and tablets while driving. The Samsung Solutions Exchange addresses the needs of line of business owners by creating holistic mobile solutions on a robust portfolio of enterprise-grade Samsung Mobile devices.

The Samsung Solutions Exchange delivers a range of third party offerings for a variety of industries that increase productivity and ROI, including but not limited to sales and management applications, mobile device management solutions, cloud services, collaboration tools and security solutions – all designed to make it easier for enterprises to succeed in the new era of mobile business.

DriveCommander® from Aegis Mobility is software for smart devices that automatically detects driving state and puts the device in “Safe Mode” while driving. In Safe Mode, a curtain screen blocks access to the keyboard and screen. All notifications and alerts are silenced – including incoming calls, texts and emails. By eliminating one of the leading causes of vehicle crashes, DriveCommander provides enterprise customers with a return on investment through avoided accidents and protects companies from the risk and liability associated with distracted driving.

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About Aegis Mobility

Aegis Mobility is the world’s leading provider of patented software for mobile devices to prevent distracted driving. DriveCommander enables employers to proactively promote safe and legal use of mobile devices while employees are driving on the job, while TeenSafer enables parents to ensure that their young drivers are not distracted by texting, tweeting or talking while driving.

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Doncaster, UK. — September 24, 2019 — National Express Rail GmbH has chosen DriveCommander to help enhance their commitment to safety, customer service and excellence by ensuring that their driver’s tablet PCs cannot be used whilst the trains are in operational service.

Their drivers are issued with tablets to enable improved safety information, better communication for passengers and improved fault reporting. However, it was critical that the tablets would not introduce any additional associated risks or driver distractions.

National Express were looking for a solution that:

  • Ensured that tablets are locked while trains are in operational service
  • Limited tablet functionality while in operational service only
  • Satisfied internal I.T. and data protection policies
  • Provided a means of ensuring compliance backed up by evidence
  • Could be swiftly introduced and tested
  • Met and respected staff privacy
  • Was cost-effective

Results delivered in only nine days!

The full rollout took only nine days to achieve, from the point of enquiry to installation and has now been in operational service since September 2019, enhancing safety for
customers, staff and the public.

About National Express Rail

National Express Rail GmbH operates the Rhine-Münster Express and the Rhine-WupperBahn contracted rail services in Germany and have been awarded further contracts to
operate Rhine-Ruhr Express (RRX) services.

National Express’s vision is to earn the lifetime loyalty of its customers by consistently delivering frequent, high performing public transport services which offer excellent value. Underpinning this Vision National Express has a standard set of values focusing on Excellence, Safety, Customers, People and Community.

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United Kingdom
24th September 2019